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A Message From John Hudson

Hey Everyone!  Exciting News! 


I’m very excited to share the release of my collaboration with behavioral health clinician and suicide prevention specialist, Dr. Leo Carrara. Leo and I have worked diligently on crafting a timely resource for at risk youths for these difficult and challenging times.  Our book, “Fred Dexter Speaks Life and Hope!” occurs in the world of my Fred Dexter series. Fred Dexter is an African American youth who enjoys skateboarding, music, and going on adventures. Sometimes though, Fred has friends who struggle with making good decisions and he can find himself in difficult situations.  He often gets helpful advice and mentorship from his teacher, Mr. Hudson. In this Fred Dexter story, Fred finds out his friend Benjamin is being bullied and teased about his weight.  Benjamin feels hopeless and tells Fred he’s not sure he wants to live anymore. 

Leo and I feel strongly that this is an important message in these unique times. We are currently living in an unprecedented experience; where social isolation, economic and health stressors are at an all-time high.  Suicide, has unfortunately been on the rise as a national and global health problem, even prior to the impact of the current global pandemic.  Many experts believe that the increased isolation, limited access to mental health services, and enhanced stressors may lead to a further increase in suicidal thoughts and actions in those who are at risk.  It is also known that there is a definitive link between bullying and increased risk for suicidal thoughts in youths.  Suicide is a difficult and scary subject to discuss for anyone, especially for youths, who may lack the skills and resources to navigate these conversations. In this book, best practices in suicide prevention are discussed through the guidance of Fred’s teach and mentor, Mr. Hudson.  These difficult but necessary conversations are handled in a careful manner that emphasizes trust, hope, and the power of human connection.  We hope that this Fred Dexter story can serve as a wonderful educational tool and resource for any at risk of isolation, bullying, or suicide.  


Please take a moment to share this resource!  If you are interested in purchasing, you can buy “Fred Dexter Speaks Life and Hope” on Amazon, in print or digital here:

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25% of all proceeds will be donated to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255), a national network of crisis centers that provide free and confidential emotional support to people in suicidal crisis or emotional distress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

Thank you for supporting this cause!



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