Born and raised in Wyandotte County, KS John Hudson has overcome a lot of obstacles- from having a speech impediment to dyslexia and Crohn’s disease. He knows what it takes to succeed when you are against all odds to fail.

John's love for music and sports, specifically basketball, was his first step in achieving greatness. He played basketball at all levels in school, receiving multiple awards and recognition- he was even crowned slam dunk champion in high school and in college. Although John was never recruited as a top athlete in high school, he worked extremely hard and earned a full-ride scholarship as a walk on student athlete in college.  He would go on to play semi-pro basketball in Suva Fiji and Auckland, New Zealand with Athletes in Action in 2002.  John shares his basketball journey in his first best-selling book titled Ignored and Ignited the H.O.O.P.S, written in 2008.  He shares other encouraging and inspiring stories in all of his 13 best-selling books.

In 2010, John created Focus Driven Enterprises, an education consulting company that focuses on empowering youth and families to achieve greatness. Through the company, he has authored many books.  These books highlight topics such as strengthening your spiritual growth, enhancing your life skills, and achieving academic success.

John is the creator of a fictional character, known as Fred Dexter. Fred Dexter has received local and national attention for his positive messages geared toward youth. The Fantastic Adventures of Fred Dexter and Friends is a children’s book series that speaks on critical topics that impact today’s youth,  such as bullying, suicide, and social and emotional awareness with smart phones. John plays himself as a teacher, Mr. Hudson, in the book series. He has collaborated with kids and professionals while writing books about today’s trending topics- providing hope and guidance to youth as they are challenged to make good choices in school.  

Through the success of Focus Driven Enterprises LLC, John became the founder and executive director of the not-for-profit organization Reasons 2 Believe Educational Inc (R2B). The special mission of R2B is to bring greater awareness to suicide prevention and to empower and give hope to youth and families in the areas of health and wellness, trauma informed care, life skills, and so much more.

John's professional resume includes 2 master’s degrees; one in Higher Education and the other in Counseling. He has over 15 years’ experience with counseling at-risk youth and providing professional care to under-served families in the areas of behavior management, physical education, career readiness, substance abuse, and suicide prevention.

In 2017, John was awarded the Reasons to Believe Award from the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. This award is given to individuals who exemplify integrity and leadership in their community.

John Hudson has dedicated his life to supporting and guiding youth and families across the world. John came from humble beginnings but has proven to be a born leader and is a sought out facilitator and speaker. Currently, John has accepted his new role as Executive Director of R2B. He has a passion for mentoring young African American boys- as he is a proud father of two sons, Jayzon and Jordan Hudson.

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