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Because I'm A D.O.P.E. Black Father
John Hudson continues his great litreacy tradition of writing educational children's books for the entire family that focuses on topics that are important to our community, culture and society.

Mr. Hudson enlightens the reader about the importance of Devoted, Optimistic, Powerful and Encouraging black fathers to their families. Join Mr. Hudson on this topic to support positive change as he plays himself in as a schoolteacher in this book series. Fred Dexter and his friends have quite the relationship with Mr.Hudson.

Enjoy and educate yourself on what it means to be a D.O.P.E. Black Father with Fred Dexter and all his friends.

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Fred Dexter & Friends Book Series

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Fred Dexter & Friends: "Pursuing Greatness"

Encounter a Fun Filled Adventure of Crazy Wacky Excitement incorporating Comprehension, and Critical Thinking Skills. Build and Strengthen student’s behavior patterns and social skills...

The Fantastic Adventures of Fred Dexter

Fred Dexter & Friends:

Smart Phone Dumb Brain

Fred Dexter and Friends is a book series designed for youth and families to discuss the proper usage of social media and smart phones in school. Go on another crazy, wacky fantastic adventure... 


Fred Dexter & Friends:

Speaks Life & Hope

Whether he’s riding his skateboard, playing basketball, or listening to music; Fred Dexter loves making friends and going on new adventures. In the continuing story of Fred Dexter...

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Success is a Process Book Series

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The Power of 25 & Beyond Empowerment Key

The Power of 25 & Beyond: Empowerment Keys to the 21 Century

Read this book and discover the hidden powers inside of you that you have not even recognize you have to achieve your goals and dreams. This book can land you in the presences of greatness...

25 Secrets Every Single Parent Should Kn

25 Secrets Every Single Parent Should Know: Parent Powers by the Change Agent

Single Parent families are more common than ever: In this book know how to manage specific challenges singles parents experience and what you can do to raise a happy and healthy child...

In the Middle of It.jpg

In the Middle of IT: Discover Gods Plan For Your Life In The Middle of A Bad Situation

As Believers in Christ we all face some "It" that keeps us from true happiness or moving forward for the life we deserve. From the start of our lives God provides us with a plan for success...

More From John Hudson

Author Express Hand book 10 Easy Steps t

Author Express Handbook: 10 Easy Steps to Becoming a Publishing Author

Are you writing a Book ? Do you want to be a published author? Do you have a story you want to tell the world? Do you want to generate another source of income for you and your family? ...

the 21 most talked about problems when p

25 Secrets Every Uncommon Student Athlete Should Know

Youth and Family/Educational Manuscript exposing current issues surrounding behavior patterns and psychological barriers that hinder adolescent and teenagers success...

25 Secrets Every Uncommon Student Athlet

The 21 Most Talked About Problems When Parenting Teenagers in America

The 25 Secrets Every Uncommon Student-Athlete Should Know Inside any sport you play the Key for being an Uncommon Student Athlete is embracing the divine Word of God.These 25 incredible...

Reasons to Believe The Paradox of Promin

Reasons to Believe: The Paradox of Prominence

Witness tips and strategies of what it takes to make dreams come true. Encounter the struggles yet embrace the process of how visions become reality with just one simple word “Believe”...

Ignored & Ignited H.o.o.p.s of Life.jpg

Ignored & Ignited: H.O.O.P.S of Life

What to expect from this book is one man's perseverance to make a difference, and also a cry for help and awareness. African American boys across America are faced with many challenges...

The Difference that Makes The Difference

The Difference that Makes The Difference the new edition:

7 Keys to Success

The Powerful and Prosperous potential that you have to success in life is within your S.W.A.G.G.E.R. Many experts and popular individuals confuse the word "Swagger" to be an arrogant...


It Hurt Me but It Helped Me Real Talk! about Black Love Black America & Biblicial Priniciples

This book is a call for proper awareness, forgiveness and faithfulness in long-lasting relationships, Whether you're married, single dating, divorced, or single parent this book is...

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